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Doctor Who - Animated Gifs
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12th-Oct-2010 05:37 am - multi-fandom fanart
10 animated
Fanart I made recently. Some were made for challenges in crossoverfans, xoverland & tardis_bigbang.

- Charmed: Leo, Prue
- Criminal Minds: Spencer Reid
- Doctor Who: Jenny, Rory, Rose
- Harry Potter: Sirius, Ron/Hermione, Fred/George, Harry/Cho
- SGU: Eli

(see them here)
29th-May-2010 03:09 am - crossover, Buffy & Doctor Who fanart
Sarah Lewis energy ball
- crossover: BtvS/Doctor Who, BtvS/Supernatural
- BtvS
- Doctor Who

- crossover: Sanctuary/Stargate SG-1, Bones/BtvS, BtvS/Stargate Atlantis, BtvS/Doctor Who/Supernatural, Buffy/True Blood, Doctor Who/Secret Diary of a Callgirl, Doctor Who/Stargate Universe, Doctor Who/Veronica Mars
- Doctor Who: 10/Amy

small banners:
- crossover: BtvS/Criminal Minds, BtvS/Dexter, BtvS/Bones, BtvS/Supernatural, Doctor Who/Twilight

Not dial-up friendly!


(here @ my journal)
10th-May-2010 10:07 pm - Soundfiles
weeping blood
  I have sound captured The Time of Angels and Flesh and Stone along with a few odd quotes from series 2-3 

the below files are 5x04 and 5x05

Any requests from these two ep's message me or leave a comment here.
I hope to have at least another 2 episodes done by the end of the week
27th-Mar-2010 06:14 am - sidebar animations
Sarah Lewis energy ball
24 Buffy
23 Crossover (Buffy/Doctor Who, Buffy/Supernatural, Buffy/True Blood, Doctor Who/Supernatural)
14 Doctor Who
12 Supernatural
03 True Blood

(see them here)
6th-Jul-2009 09:03 pm - Fear Her Animations - Part 1
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After getting done with a huge multi-part picspam of Fear Her, I decided to make far too many animated gifs of it as well. I have 20 below here for right now and will make more tonight and tomorrow.

As usual, the sizes below are 426x240 / 274x160 / 213x120 / 150x84 and people with dialup should not even think about looking.


Seriously, people on dialup and mobiles shouldn't lookCollapse )
22nd-Jun-2009 12:40 am - Partners in Crime - more gifs
Purple Haired Doctor
I actually made the ones I'm going to post now before I made the ones I posted last night but I felt those would be a bit more popular. With that being said, I wanted to get these up as well.

13 images
426x240 / 274x160 / 213x120 / 150x84


More Partners in CrimeCollapse )
21st-Jun-2009 05:45 am - Partners in Crime - Window Scene
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I had only anticipated doing some images but then... well I went really overboard on this. I decide it was better off actually being two separate posts rather than one giant one. It's already a pretty hefty set of images as is and the idea of making it larger seemed silly.

This set is 16 images in 4 sizes (426x240, 274x160, 213x120, and 150x84). Some of them are a bit bulky.
They're all from the wonderful window scene :D
It's very Donna heavy. The Doctor is wonderful in this scene but mostly stays still.... which makes for bad animated gifs. Believe me, I tried! The next batch will be more Doctor heavy.

Oh, and here are a few tiny previews (90x50)

Images hereCollapse )

Edit: I'm so sorry for the not having a cut for a moment. Of all the times to forget... well, that was the worst time ever.
16th-Jun-2009 12:56 am - Tooth and Claw Animated Gifs
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These animated gifs are available in 4 sizes below the cut: 426x240 (half dvd size), 284x160 (third dvd size), 213x120 (quarter dvd size), and 170x96 (fifth dvd size).

I felt like these needed to be made.

Here are some preview sized images (these are 1/8 dvd size!) to give you a little hint of what is to come.

Warning, there are a lot of them. I'm not joking. They can eat slow internet connections as a light snack.

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